About Stephanie Pollard

I have over thirty years of experience in the healthcare arena . My professionalism has proven to be a great asset in the workplace and communities. I have been a Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist since 1986 and I continued my education at the University of Florida obtaining a Master’ in Public Health and Epidemiology (2004).

I’ve worked 20 years in the UF Women’s Center and I found there was a need for Public Health in a forum that was in the Community; where people could ask questions and also be Empowered to want to ask questions about their health conditions. This lead to a Beautiful combination of Science and Public Health being explained to the common person in the Community as well as Professional arenas.
I have a Great Passion for all people and I am very well diverse in explaining Health conditions and how the body is effected by those illnesses.
Since, I am also a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I explain Laboratory results and make suggestions the person may want to discuss with their physician.

Received a B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Health Science Education (12/2002); my master’s degree is in Public Health with a specialty in Community Health Education (5/2004). My goal is to provide professional, effective, and accurate information to increase the knowledge of both professionals and the common person. In my local and surrounding communities, I provide health and wellness services to educate people about their medical conditions; which give them the tools to make choices to improve their lifestyle.

I completed my master’s degree in public health at the University of Florida, specializing in Community Health Education and Epidemiology. In my academic career as a master’s student; my coursework included:  epidemiology, biostatistics, policy and procedures, community health, and program planning.  I was the Principle Investigator for my research project: “Exercise and Diabetes”.

My research project consisted of creating a questionnaire for diabetic patients. Shands at UF Medical Plaza Type II Diabetic Clinic was the facility that was used to interview the patients.  Drs. Lawrence Kennedy and John Clare-Salazar were the physicians I worked with and they allowed me to speak to their patients after their doctor’s visit.

The purpose of the data collection was to correlate the benefits of exercise in patients with Type II diabetes. Also, the questionnaire revealed the level of patient compliance and long term physical activity.

Dr. Elizabeth Swett was my academic supervisor for this project and she was very pleased with the work I completed.