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Health Tips

1.  Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms on COVID-19 VIRUS

2. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider if you are having prolonged Respiratory discomfort/difficulties

3. Pay close attention to your children and take them to the pediatrician as soon as any Respiratory problems occur

4. Be Honest and Truthful when Answering Questions about how you are feeling when you go to your healthcare provider

5. Read Health/Science Articles on treatments for COVID-19

Join Us  for Lively and Informative Discussions!!!  Topics will include:  Women’s Health – Fibroid tumors (Symptoms and Options for Procedures), Annual Physicals from Teenagers to Senior Citizens, Arthritis, Stomach issues (Indigestion and Upset stomach pain), Memory Enhancement, Men’s Health and Wellness – Physical Fitness, Blood Pressure, Reducing Stress, etc.

I look forward to Talking with You on Live Facebook!!!!!  Click on the Live video clip from the Caribbean Christmas Women’s Health Workshop!!!!!

Ladies Let's TALK. Know Your BODY and Know Your FAMILY Health History!!!

Posted by Stephanie Pollard on Sunday, December 8, 2019

Attention WOMEN…can we talk? This is great Thanksgiving conversation. How do we help improve the odds of health disparities for us and our families? Join us for a fantastic discussion with Health Educator, Stephanie Pollard. Stephanie is hosting a community conversation “Understanding the Woman’s Body”…December 7th at Passage Family Church from 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Stephanie PollardAt The WELLnessRadioTV… There Is Healing At The WELL

Posted by Pamela Marshall on Tuesday, November 26, 2019